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Now accepting students for class of 2021-2022 senior roster. Limited space.


What do Theatre Major Senior Roster students get?


All Theatre Major roster students receive the advising services below.

  • Initial Academic and Artistic Assessment

  • CustomCollege Plan Account

  • Best Fit College List

  • Custom College List Report

  • Six 1:1 Advising check ins

  • Common App Advisor Support

  • SAT/ACT Diagnostic Testing and Personalized Study Plan

  • Headshot/Resume Review and Recommendations

  • Small Group Senior Cohort Advising Workshops

  • Monologue Selection Research and Guidance (includes copies of each play)


Our students select the best coaching option that complements their prior training experience.



Includes 12 one hour coaching sessions. Best for the independent student with prior training looking to kickstart to their college audition journey.



Includes 24 forty-five minute sessions. Best for the student with prior training looking for more flexibility in coaching session choices, and extra support through callbacks.



Our most popular option. Includes 32 forty-five minute coaching sessions. Best for the student with prior training looking for support for the entire college audition process, from application to acceptance.


All of our roster students have access to our exclusive list year round.


Song selection and research


Professional piano tracks


College interview prep


Final college decision consulting

...And More!




Want to the most supportive college audition preparation program, and a have blast along the way?

our coaching sessions

  • Acting (contemporary monologue)

  • Acting (classical monologue)

  • Movement for the actor

  • Vocal (song interpretation)

  • Vocal (technique)

  • Vocal (pop vocal)

  • Dance (technique)

  • Vocal (voice and music theory)

  • Introduction to Theatre Theory in the World

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Registration for Fall 2021 opens

June 2021

  • ​Our semester-based training program.

  • We accept a limited amount of students per semester cohort. 

  • Best for serious first semester 11th-grade students or second semester 10th-grade students with prior training who want to study theatre at the collegiate level.

  • Helps prepare students to apply for pre-college summer programs.


What our students get:


  • TWELVE (12), 60 minute, private online 1:1 coaching sessions in acting (contemporary or classical), and an additional artistic training concentration.

  • Study acting through the lens of a specific theatre theory.

  • Four-week college challenge designed to kick off your college planning.

  • Academic advising service with two academic and artistic check-ins.​​

  • A team of coaches working with you to elevate your artistic technique.

  • Theatre Major swag, of course.


Looking to elevate your training before your senior year?


Where are your services available?

We provide online and in-person services. Our coaches are located in the DC Metropolitan area, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Note: Due to COVID-19, all services have been moved online until further notice.

What is an independent educational


Our advisor and lead coach, Leayne Dempsey, is an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Independent Educational Consultants can provide a student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and the time to explore all of the options. For more information about educational consultants click here.

Do you offer services for tenth graders?

Tenth-grade students may register for THET PREP beginning spring 2021. If you’d like to reserve your spot in our spring cohort, please fill out the inquiry form, and note that you are in tenth grade.

What can I do with a degree in theatre?

Individuals with degrees in theatre have used their education to perform in shows, entertain people, teach others, provide therapy to vulnerable populations, and travel around the world. (Just ask our CEO.) The possibilities are endless.