Our story

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to help students find their place in theatre.


At Theatre Major, we focus on the college theatre application and audition process. Why? Because these are two of the biggest roadblocks for students who want to pursue theatre after high school. 


We’ve heard far too many stories of gifted actors giving up on theatre because they didn’t know how to prepare their prescreens. Or because they couldn’t find compelling monologues. Or because they didn’t know all that they could do with a theatre degree. 


We want to put an end to those stories - and we hope you do, too. We’re excited to help guide our students through the college theatre application and audition process, on to the next stage where they can hone their craft and discover who they are as artists. 

My Story, My Passion

Hi, my name is Leayne Dempsey!

In HIGH SCHOOL, I was always in something: school shows, color guard, student government. I was busy. I'm talking quick changes from ballet leotards to cheerleading uniform busy. Spend all day at band camp, then go to show choir practice busy. I've loved theatre since I was in my first musical, The Sound of Music. I still love it...Perhaps even more today.

In COLLEGE, I was a dual degree student in Theatre and Education. Sophomore year, I added English. I was working on three degrees! Between performing the words of August Wilson and Carlo Gozzi, discovering theatre theories, and being a Vocal Minor in the school of music; I was all in.

TODAY, I do this work because I love it. I love the craft. The theories. The theatre-makers I get to meet, both young and old. I believe there is a place in theatre for you; a place only YOU can fill.


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